June 3, 2019 

Live Auction Brings Record Donation to RABF

Carmel, IN - PAR has formed strong partnerships with their recovery vendors, and those relationships have been a major contributor to PAR's continued success. To invest in and honor these partner vendors, PAR hosted a two-day event for more than a hundred recovery vendors from all across the U.S. The full-but-fun agenda for the 2019 PAR Recovery Vendor Event included networking, learning, fun, recognition, and, of course, a live auction to raise funds for RABF.

During Day One, recovery vendors were able to interact with members of PAR's team in person, take an office tour and get some updates at education breakout sessions. The evening was spent networking and socializing in downtown Indy.

Day Two was hosted at Practice Day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. PAR is a proud sponsor of the Clauson-Marshall Racing Driven2SaveLives No. 39 car, driven by Pippa Mann. According to PAR Executive Admin Teresa Woods, guests really enjoyed the experience at the track, which included garage passes, lunch and taking in the sights.

2019 Agent Event at Indianapolis Motor Speedway
2019 Recovery Vendor Event at Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Pippa Mann finished 16th in the 103rd running of the Indy 500 driving the #39 Clauson-Marshall Driven2SaveLives Chevy
#39 Clauson-Marshall Driven2SaveLives Chevy finished 16th in 103rd Indy 500

The evening finished with dinner at the Indiana State Museum, Q&A with Pippa, presentation of awards honoring the best-of-the-best recovery vendors, followed by a live charity auction.

Pippa Mann autographed Indy Oval print auctioned for RABF
Pippa Mann autographed Indy Oval print auctioned for RABF

PAR and its recovery vendor partners raised more than $42,000 for the Recovery Agents Benefit Fund, which grants funds to member vendors in times of tragedy.

“I’m overwhelmed by the generosity of all our sponsors and partners who made this event a reality,” said Jon Armstrong, PAR recovery services manager. “It’s a great feeling to be able to give back to an organization whose sole purpose is to help those in our repo family.”

PAR President Lisa Scott presents $42,000 check for the RABF
PAR President Lisa Scott presents $42,000 check for the RABF


2019 Agent Awards
17 Vendor Winners Awarded

Regional Choice Awards 

  • Towing San Diego
  • Alpha Recovery
  • IR Services
  • Last Chance Wrecker
  • Connect One
  • Final Notice Location and Recovery

PARtner Salute 

  • Relentless Recovery
  • Indiana Recovery Services

Recovery Rate Extraordinaire  

  • International Recovery Systems

Compliance Champion 

  • West Texas Auto Recovery
  • Coastline Recovery Services

Impound Vendor of the Year

  • Legion

Resolution Champion (Same as last year)

  • Hide and Seek Recovery

Skip Vendor of the Year

  • Specialized Towing

Rookie of the Year 

  • Absolute Recovery Services

LPR Vendor of the Year (Same as last year)

  • Associates Asset Recovery

  Recovery Vendor of the Year 

  • S.C.A.R