At PAR, it’s all about our commitment to collaboration and providing the best customer service to our clients. We accomplish this by living the #FIRST model in every move we make for our clients, teammates, and partnered vendors.

We truly believe that we strive for #FIRST every day by living these core values!

Fun               Promote an energetic work environment

Innovation    Be adventurous, creative, and open-minded

Respect        Act with integrity and everyone with dignity

Service         Provide unparalleled customer experiences and our commitments

Teamwork    Share ideas, efforts, and resources to attain our goals

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Latest News and Stories

KAR ramps up recovery services with purchase of Clearplan

KAR Auction Services announced it has boosted its asset recovery capabilities with the purchase of Clearplan. Based in Reno, Nev., Clearplan is a digital platform for recovery agents, drivers, forwarders and lenders that acts as a centralized, mobile “cloud-based hub” for repo workflow.


PAR North America Honors 15 recovery agents, generates money for RABF

PAR North America recently held an event to honor 15 of the best repossession operations in the country and generated funds to help agents who sustain negative consequences that sometimes come with the job.


PAR completes year-long task, unveils Platinum Compliance TM portal

“PAR launched its new web-based, self-service portal with real-time access to PAR’s compliance data and the compliance data of more than 600 vehicle recovery vendors across the U.S.“


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