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PAR Title Services

PAR titles can do whatever is needed to help with a company’s vehicle titling needs. We have an expert staff that is knowledgeable in the title requirements in all 50 states. PAR also offers title storage for long-term storage needs.


Current Title Services

  • Repossession Title - When a vehicle is repossessed and the state that the debtor resided in requires the lender to obtain title in their name in order to legally sell the vehicle.
  • Repossession Affidavit - When a vehicle is repossessed and the current title is from a state where they allow the lender to sell with the existing title and attach a repossession affidavit to the title to legally sell the vehicle.
  • Corrected Title - Any correction on a title. Examples: Mileage, VIN, body type, odometer. States will require certain documents in order to correct a title.
  • Duplicate Title - Exact title will be issued by the state (no changes made). Certain states require POA from the member/debtor in order to obtain a duplicate title.
  • Lease to Loan - Customer is buying out their lease. PAR will apply for the new title and registration in the member/debtor's name and perfect the lender onto the title.
  • Refinance Title - Customer is refinancing their vehicle. PAR will apply for the new title listing the new lender's name as lien holder.
  • Salvage Certificates - Converting a current clear title into a salvage title; additional documents could be needed by client for this process.
  • Transfer of Equity - Current lessee is having another individual take over their lease.
  • Redemption Title - Lender applied for a repossession title and let the member/debtor redeem the vehicle. Client will be responsible for obtaining all necessary documents to put the title back into the member/debtors name listing the client as lienholder.
  • Electronic Vehicle History - PAR will preform an Auto Check and send to client.
  • Title History - State will send back all microfilm copies of all documents submitted to the state.
  • Title Storage - Titles are imaged, added to the inventory system, and then the physical title is stored in a protected fireproof cabinet. There is a flat fee for storage and at any time in the process PAR can do any title processing that is needed at the customer's request – title processing would be a separate fee.